Souris Show Hall Foundation

On August 27th, 1890, a major fundraising picnic was held in Souris by the newly incorporated Benevolent Irish Society of Souris (BIS) to raise funds for the construction of St. Patrick’s Hall.  It has been operated as a live theatre show hall, silent movie theatre, and movie theatre.

When the Souris Show Hall was purchased in 2009 by Kier Kenny, the theatre had a ripped movie screen and very well used seats. The fish plant closed that year, one of Souris main industries.  The Souris Show Hall was operated by The Kier Gallery, a board run non-profit, charitable organization until Fall 2014.  At that time, the operating body was renamed the Souris Show Hall Foundation, whose mandate is to purchase the theatre and to create a vibrant cultural community in Souris.  Along with the Show Hall, the Leard Building (formerly Leard Menswear) was obtained. The corner lot was owned by Ultramar and key to completing the “Cultural Corner”.

The Cultural Community would create a year-round learning facility for film, theatre, music and visual art teachers and students to come together. This work-shop style centre would bring specialist in to teach to student who would come from around North America. The influx of people from this economic model would create a need for restaurants, accommodations, and other amenities.

Upon the purchase, Architect Bill Chandler was commissioned to put this vision on paper. The mix of modern and historic buildings creates an attractive addition to the Town of Souris. The building has room for a large lobby to the Show Hall, a shop for rent, studio space, artist office space, and a Gallery. The outdoor space could be used for an artistic garden.

This is a long term vision the Souris Show Hall Foundation continues to work towards. With your donations, we will take the next step towards this long term goal – the purchase of the three properties, renovation of the buildings and the continued operation of the Show Hall.

Corporations can support the Arts Community by purchasing a Supporting Contributor, Major Contributor, or Principal Contributor.  Contact for more information.

We are selling Memberships to the Souris Show Hall Foundation for $30.  Members will receive preferred access to all regular shows and discounts at a selection of businesses.  Memberships can be purchased by contacting

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